Fact or Fiction

Fiction: There is no support for small business

Fact: BC's small business growth leads Canada and B.C. Liberals lowered small business taxes while eliminating 164,000 pieces of red tape

Fiction: We aren’t reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Fact: The BC Liberal government has put into law a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2020

Fiction: Health Care spending has been cut

Fact: The BC Liberal government increased funding for health care by 60 per cent

Fiction: Our infrastructure is being overlooked

Fact: The BC Liberals plan to invest $14 billion over the next three years to build infrastructure like roads, hospitals and schools and create 88,000 jobs

Fiction: K-12 funding has been cut every year

Fact: Funding for K-12 education in BC is at the highest level in history with 65,000 less students

Fiction: British Columbia’s income taxes are too high

Fact: The BC Liberal government cut income taxes to lowest in Canada

Strong Economy. Secure Tomorrow. reflects the strength, competence, and diversity of Today’s BC Liberals. Our platform is divided into five key themes that outline our vision for B.C.’s future and how we intend to get there. Our plan is responsible. Our plan is practical. Our plan is affordable. But most importantly, our plan recognizes that this election shouldn’t just be about the people who call British Columbia home today.If it isn’t okay for parents to leave their children with debt, then it isn’t okay for government to leave future generations saddled with debt either. That’s why Today’s BC Liberals are the right choice for British Columbia.

The BC Liberal Party believes that British Columbians can thrive if we stay united. We believe that government must help create a strong economy to provide a foundation for the diverse families that call our province home.  We are a free enterprise party that is committed to open government.

The BC Liberal government’s work is guided by a focus on three key priorities.

That government must promote private sector job creation and competitiveness. This means:

  • providing a solid foundation with fiscal prudence and a commitment to balanced budgets
  • ensuring government enhances – not impairs – the ability of business, particularly small business, to create jobs
  • expanding trade for BC products, particularly to Asia

That government must put families first in all decision-making. This means:

  • making life a little more affordable for everyday families
  • keeping our commitments to senior citizens
  • protecting our environment and staying committed to clean air and clean water
  • making sure our health care system is second to none and that health care is sustainable for future generations
  • keeping families and communities safe by fighting crime
  • strengthening public education so students are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow

That BC must lead in the area of open government. This means:

  • we have the most comprehensive “open data” platform of  any province in Canada
  • the Premier holds regular open town hall meetings across BC to hear from citizens
  • we use new technology, such as social media,  to give British Columbians more ways to make their voices heard

These three ideals overlap in every decision we make and every policy we create.

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